March 26, 2014

Spring is almost in the air (I hope) Gentlemen. The time has arrived to do some shopping. Here is a great inspiration from Native Youth a Manchester brand. They have impeccable detail to their fabrics and patterns with amazing quality to their merchandise.

March 18, 2014

Let me introduce you to a product that will give you that added confidence you've been working for.
Davines Energizing Shampoo & Superactive
-Energising Superactive combats hair
- Loss related to hormones and androgenetic
-Hair grows healthier & stronger
-Alopecia and hyper production of sebum which may be associated with it
 The main active ingredient is black cohosh extract: a perennial plant native to North America that inhibits the 5-a-reductage enzyme that inhibits this enzyme. It combats both androgenic alopecia.
Men staying intact with their looks...
How to prevent hair loss?
how to achieve fuller looking hair ?
How to maintain  a proper haircut?
Today men's fashion is coming forward with stronger and bolder looks. However the essential daily look is actually the hair. What we need to focus on  how to obtain the desired look with the proper cut and home care product.
Are you looking to achieve fuller looking hair?
Have you noticed your hairline is starting to recede?
Do you notice your hair texture has changed?
 Its time to start taking care of your essential looks with the proper hair care product to make you look an feel great.
 Lotion stimulates skin microcirculation and helps to improve skin elasticity and contrasting hair loss.

March 04, 2014

REPLUMPING by NaturalTech
Nature + Man + Technology

If your hair is lacking volume, shine, and hydration, the NaturalTech Replumping shampoo and conditioner  is the perfect product for you to use. For extra plumping you can also get the SUPERACTIVE Replumping and compacting treatment for all hair types.

Get your treatment done at the salon and feel magnificent . This treatment is salon use only, and lasts  6-8 shampoos. Book today to have the best hair for the spring season!

How To Use 

Gently massage into damp hair and allow to process for some minutes and then rinse off the shampoo.

After apply conditioner to towel dried hair along the lengths and the ends. Let it sit for  a few minutes, comb from root to ends. Thoroughly rinse out with cool water. 

March 01, 2014

First of all happy March 1st! Some places around the world (mostly Europe) its officially the first day of spring, and all though we still have 20 days to go and freezing weather here in Toronto, i'm starting to dream and hope that spring can comes any day now. In the meantime we can all enjoy some bright and vibrant, beach editorials such as this one with Alessandra Ambrosio in S Moda photographed by Eric Guillemain, to help deal with the grey and freezing days of this never ending winter.

February 26, 2014

Moschino by Jeremy Scott Fall/Winter 2014 
Moschino is back!!!! Thanks to Jeremy Scott for spicing it up a little. This collection is a work of art. I love everything about it from the fabrics to the creative food branding. I  love how he put the fun back into fashion.


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