June 05, 2012

Pinterest Inspiration: Hair and Beauty

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With summer just around the corner it's time to refresh the same old makeup routine. Especially since after a little sun it becomes almost unnecessary replaced with the healthy summer glow. To compliment that glow here are some beauty ideas from my Pinterest hair & makeup board that I plan to rock this summer.

With colour being the ultimate trend this spring and summer, upgrade you typical smokey eye brown/blacks to some bright colours.

Try a variation of cat eyes pared with some glam lashes for a night out.
Do a coral lip, it looks amazing with a tan!

Colour french manicure variation.
Use Beige and neutral makeup colours, to compliment your tan.
The unusual hues for hair trend is in full swing, doing the whole head is a big change, so instead just add some colourful highlights, do an ombre affect, or just get some colourful clip in pieces .
BRAID that hair, best style in the heat, and looks super trendy.
Do a neon coloured manicure, this will definitely bring out that tan.
Add some sparkle, to your nails, and face.
"Be sure to wear some flowers in your hair", even if you're not going to San Francisco :)

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